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fire protection & life safety

UCLA Medical Campus, Los Angeles

Due to required seismic upgrades it was necessary to comply with current code for affected building systems and construction elements. An equivalency analysis was performed using the prescriptive logic of the IBC to create a deterministic matrix for each of the 14 affected buildings to aid in the upgrade decision-making based on constructability, cost, and relevance.

Oceanwide Project, Downtown Los Angeles

Consultant to the owner’s representative and developer, Lend Lease, to aid in the planning, scheduling, pre-testing and commissioning activities for the twin-town 45-story high rise complex.

808 S Broadway Adaptive Reuse, Downtown Los Angeles

The unique 808 S Broadway project is part of the “Bringing Back Broadway” City initiative to repurpose older noncompliant commercial and industrial buildings into residential and work-live projects to populate the urban downtown while also maintaining the historical and beautiful architecture. CCC provided code consulting services to the Architect of Record from conceptual design thru permitting. Consultants are instrumental at providing justifications and supporting narratives for modifications to the prescriptive codes in special cases like this project.

Sears Building Renovation, Boyle Heights Los Angeles

The Sears Building renovation project is a 10-story high rise building with a truly massive footprint, encompassing 13 acres and an entire city block. It will contain over 1,000 live-work units in addition to offices, a food hall, and expansive rooftop entertainment. CCC provided code consulting services to the Architect of Record including justifications and supporting narratives for modifications to the prescriptive codes.

Cambria, Downtown Los Angeles

Cambria is a 22-story residential high rise on a very limited corner lot. CCC provided code and accessibility consulting services to Architect of Record from conceptual design thru permitting. In addition, CCC authored the design rational for the engineered smoke control system serving the high rise.

Metropolitan Water District, Los Angeles

Participate as the Fire Protection and Life Safety expert during the constructability workshop for projects related to the seismic improvements and overall rehabilitation of the existing high-rise building.

722 S Broadway, Historical Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles

722 S Broadway is an existing high rise on the historical Broadway tract. CCC developed the existing and historical code approach including authoring and coordinating the modifications to the architectural design.

Engineering Judgment Reports

  • Kaiser Permanente, West Los Angeles. Perform inspections of and author engineering judgment report to support the rehabilitation of the existing fire-rated seismic joint assemblies.

  • 701 Avenida Santa Barbara. In cooperation with the structural EOR, design the structural frame for the required fire-resistance rating using analytical methods.

  • 101 Calafia. In cooperation with the structural EOR, design the structural frame for the required fire-resistance rating using analytical methods.


commissioning and special inspection

Los Angeles International Airport, Tom Bradley International Terminal West

Built as a new $2bn airport terminal in 2014, this building is able to serve the largest commercial aircraft in the world.

520 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach.

22-story high rise core & shell office building.

Los Angeles International Airport, Qantas Lounge

The tenant improvement to the lounge offered complicated connectivity to the existing Tom Bradley terminal. The extensive overlap of MEP systems and passive construction such as corridors and shafts required atypical coordination.

Los Angeles International Airport, TBIT / T4 Connector Building

A unique building connection was made between the international terminal and the domestic airline terminal, Terminal 4. The intent was to provide post-security connectivity such that travelers did not have to exit security to reach a connecting flight on a domestic partner.

Ten50 South Grand Avenue, Downtown Los Angeles

A 24-story high rise residential building with active smoke control above parking.

Metropolis Phase I, Downtown Los Angeles

Phase I consists of a 38-story high rise residential building and a 19-story high rise hotel building. Together with Phase II the value of this project is approximately $1Bn.

Metropolis Phase II, Downtown Los Angeles

Phase II consists of two residential high rise buildings, 43 and 59 stories in height. Together with Phase I the value of this project is approximately $1Bn.

Boardwalk Towers, Irvine

Two nine-story high rise towers of a core & shell office building are interconnected on multiple levels.

Riverside Cancer Center, Riverside

The new seven-story high rise hospital building was commissioned with respect to Riverside County Fire Department and OSHPD.

Apex the One, Downtown Los Angeles

Tenant improvements to the penthouse level required unique reconfiguring of units and mechanical equipment requiring special inspection.

701 3rd Street, San Francisco

Author detailed test and inspection procedures for the high-rise smoke control system.

Tulare South County Detention Facility

Special Inspector of record for the smoke control system serving the facility.

Grand Hyatt, SFO

Author detailed test and inspection procedures and perform special inspection services for the first high-rise hotel located at the San Francisco International Airport.


smoke control system design

Westfield Mall, Culver City

Redesign the existing smoke evacuation system for a complete remodel of the interior anchor tenants. Connecting multiple levels and current architectural design trends required an individualized modeling approach to this older mall building.

Marriott, Long Beach

Marriot uses unique, internal standards to overdesign Marriott properties, often much more demanding and complex than the minimum Code requirements.

Boeing Building 800 Long Beach

Authored Design Rationale to rehabilitate the existing smoke evacuation system serving the historical Building 800. New smoke control fans and controls were integrated with existing exhaust fans and ductwork. Created conceptual program logic for legacy control panel to achieve the design sequence. Author test procedure for use by Boeing and AHJ and performed special inspection.

Four Star Chemical, Los Angeles

Author Design Rationale for new mechanical explosion prevention system for industrial operations regarding the use and handling of a flammable liquids blending operation.

Cambria, Los Angeles

Author Design Rationale for mechanical smoke control system in the new 22-story residential high rise in downtown Los Angeles.


hazardous materials

Four Star Chemical, Los Angeles

Design the hazardous materials approach for the entire facility thru multiple interactions of business strategy and facility layouts. Designed explosion prevention system for flammable liquids blending operations.


CHA Medical Facility, West Los Angeles

Inventory and classify all chemicals and hazardous materials within each separate area of the building for compliance with the applicable codes.

Rubbercraft, Long Beach

Perform a Dust Hazard Analysis for existing process equipment including grinding operations, ovens and autoclaves for curing, and prepare reports and permit submittal documents.


high piled storage

Behr Process, Santa Ana

Develop HPS concept and permit submittal documents for commodities stored at the renovated facility.

General Mills, Carson

Develop HPS concept and permit submittal documents for commodities stored at the existing Yoplait facility.

cannabis facilities


A Bud and Beyond

Do to the security concerns associated with the cannabis industry, please call to discuss services directly.

Consultant to potential owner/developers to conduct a Property Condition Assessment to enhance the bid packages. Assessments indicated the level of compliance fore life safety, fire protection, and egress systems and estimated future costs.​

The Campus at Playa Vista, Los Angeles

US Bank Tower, Los Angeles

NBC Comcast Universal Admin, Universal City

property condition assessments

plan review services


Provided plan review, third party and independent review services encompassing fire protection and life safety plan submittals such as architectural reviews, underground fire protection, fire sprinklers and fire alarm, egress plans, fire department access, storage and hazardous materials. Jurisdictions have included:

  • County of Los Angeles Fire Department

  • Chino Valley Independent Fire District

  • Laguna Beach Fire Department

  • Newport Beach Fire Department

  • Long Beach Fire Department

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